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I was lucky enough to have already tried some of these soaps and I must say, I'm SUPER IMPRESSED. My mom is a hairdresser so I have been pretty spoiled with a life long supply of salon (high) quality haircare. Also, I have been attempting to make my own natural cosmetics since 2014 and have done a fair bit of research and experimenting. But HONESTLY, I tried the almond shampoo and lemon grass conditioner/mask and I don't think my hair has ever felt better! Plus, it smells a-ma-zing!! I also have the coconut and charcoal body soaps and picking a favourite between these two is like having to choose between your kids. Keep up the GREAT work guys and I will definitely be back for more. Good luck & beijinhos from your number 1 fan xx


I just recently got myself the Balance Everyday Oil and absolutely love it. It has a delicious, yet subtile smell and I use it not only for my dry hands and cuticles (hello, kitchen worker hands) but also as a hair oil and cleansing with some hot water and reusable cotton pads. All in one magic made with love which I definitely recommend.


I absolutely love your products! The self-care package was exactly what I needed. My skin feels amazing, my hair has a beautiful shine after using the shampoo bar even just once, and I've started using the lavender oil every day! Beautifully crafted, amazing scents, all natural and couldn't be more excited to support a local business!


I’ve got few products to try at first, and I have to say I absolutely love each one. The shampoo actually does give a good clean, and it makes my hair feel fresh and silky even without a conditioner, which I stopped using since then. The hair mask and everyday oil have lovely scent and are so enjoyable to use. My hair and skin feel so healthy and nourished.
Definitely recommend it - not only as a great environmentally friendly alternative, but actually as great products to use.


Absolutely love the products. I was looking for a solid organic conditioner for a long time and finally found it. Super happy with it, detangles really great, and I know what that means because I am surfing a lot, so all time salty hair. Can totally recommend  (also the solid shampoo is great )


I love the solid shampoo that I bought. It's really easy to use and has a delicious smell. Hard to resist taking a bite! It's great that no plastic is required. I'd highly recommend.


I got myself a new soap and I'm loving its wonderful and delicate floral scent. It also doesn't leave my skin dry. I've been using solid soaps for about a year now and it was hard to find something made with sustainable and good ingredients (good both for the skin and the Earth). I'm also really pleased about the recyclable paper packaging and the prettiness of it all. Will be back for sure. Thank you!


Really liked the shampoo bar, and the hair mask is amazing! I have lots of hair, they’re thick and they tend to tangle a lot. The hair mask did the job very well, after the first shower I can already feel my hair softer and they kept such a wonderful smell!
I’m very pleased.